enie baby s.r.o.
Školská 689/20
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic
+420 605 145 317
VAT: CZ09747036



enie baby accept payment by VISA and Mastercard. You can also pay whit PAYPAL. Please note that it's not possible for us to charge a higher amount than your order is on. All amount is in EUR. 

enie baby is shipping within 2-3 days, from our warehouse in the Czech Republic. 


We send packages through the transport company PPL.

It is possible to order your own carrier if you are distributor.

Uncollected products

It is not possible to return the products or cancel the order by not collecting the products. If the products are returned to enie baby because the products have not been collected, a fee of 20 EUR for the return shipping will be debited from your account regardless of the size of the order. The remaining outstanding amount of the order will be returned from the account that you applied for the payment.

transport price list

The price depends on the number of packages. We will confirm the total price for packages by e-mail.
We charge 10 EUR for each standard package.