A story of enie baby 

Dítěte Uchopte

Czech family brand

We are a family Czech brand founded in 2020.


 We have been moving between this market as a wholesaler for over 12 years. But for several years we were drawn to the desire for our own brand, and in the end we set about it. 


We produce our products with love, care and an effort to make the day and night as pleasant as possible for babies and their parents. But safety is the most important thing for us, which is why we carefully select our suppliers of materials from both the Czech Republic and Turkey. 


Many years of experience in the field give us a chance to differ and at the same time come up with the most practical and pleasant product. We want you to enjoy this beautiful period with your baby as much as possible.


He produces everything as if we were making it for our loved ones .... ♡